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Dog Training in Middletown, Delaware

Nothing beats having a well-trained dog. It gives you confidence and peace of mind when you take a stroll at the park knowing that your dog won’t bark or attack anyone. Here at Delaware K9 Academy, we want every dog owner to feel that way and we aim to provide the best dog training services here in Middletown.

After seeing the lack of inexpensive training and boarding options for dogs in the northern parts of Delaware, we decided to establish Delaware K9 Academy. Our mission is not only to provide budget-friendly services but also ensure that the program we provide fits the needs of the owners and matches the personality of the dogs we train.

Each training program we provide is customized to each dog we train. That’s because every dog has specific training needs. Some dogs have severe behavioral problems while others have better temperament and just a lack of focus. Our job as dog trainers is to create a program that addresses each of these issues and teach the skills and discipline needed to become a better dog.

You can choose from a variety of training programs, depending on the breed, age, and training level of your canine friend.

  • Puppy training service
  • Specialized Training
  • Obedience Training
  • Behavioral Training
  • Private Dog Training
  • Boot Camp Training
  • Dog boarding

Since we started offering my services to clients in Middletown, we have worked with a lot of dogs and dog owners. We have trained puppies as well as fully grown dogs. Additionally, our training lessons have catered to numerous dog breeds. That’s why, whatever type or age of dog you have, we can surely create a training program that works.

Our mission is to ensure that your dog achieves a higher level of obedience and discipline. We make use of various tried and tested techniques to teach both basic and advanced skills. You can enroll your dog in the standard program or if you’re looking to tap into your dog’s potential, you can have him/her undergo a fast-paced and highly-focused training via the 14-day Boot Camp training.

Dog Boarding in Middletown, Delaware

Besides training lessons, we also offer boarding services for dogs in the area. If you want a safe and comfortable place for your dog and you want him/her to enjoy usual exercise routines such as morning walks while you are away, you can be assured that your dog will be cared for extremely well.

We provide excellent boarding services for any type and age of dogs. It’s the perfect solution especially if you need to travel or attend to other urgent matters.

Why Choose Delaware K9 Academy?

Rigid and personalized training

Every dog has specific and very unique needs. As dog trainers, we get to identify the best ways to deliver lessons to your dog. Each training program is created to fit the personality and the needs of the dogs along with the goals of their owners.

Tried and tested dog training academy

Delaware K9 Academy has been providing quality training since the beginning of 2019. We have hundreds of clients all over the northern part of the state who are extremely happy with our services. Check out our 5 Star Google Reviews.

Knowledgeable and well-trained professional

Having been able to work with different types of dogs is the key to my success as a trainer. We make use of my skills and experience to provide tailor-fit solutions to even the most misbehaved canine.

Dog training you can afford

One of the top reasons why we started DE K9 Academy was the lack of affordable training options for dogs in Northern Delaware. All of the services we offer are budget-friendly to ensure that we can cater to every dog owner who needs help.

Updates straight to your phone

We know how much you care for your dog and you want to be in the loop all the time. That’s why if you enroll in our training programs or use our boarding service, you will receive regular updates from me so it feels like you’re right besides your best friend.

Heartfelt care and commitment

We treat each dog we train as my own. This has been my lifelong mission and I want to help as many dog parents in Northern Delaware and surrounding areas.

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Want to enjoy a more harmonious relationship with your fur buddy? Let us help you with the training programs we provide here at Delaware K9 Academy. Get the best value for your money when you enroll your dog in any of lessons we provide. Also, if you need pet boarding for your dog, we can help!

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