Delaware County, PA

Dog Training in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Knowing that affordable dog training in Delaware County, PA and nearby locations are hard to find, we established Delaware K9 Academy in early 2019. Our main goal is simple, to help dog owners get access to premium dog training lessons and dog boarding services at affordable rates.

The training services we provide are all seamless. Each program is created with the needs of the dogs and goals of dog parents in mind. When we provide training lessons, we see to it that we don’t just exceed expectations but also help people build a beautiful relationship with their canine buddy.

With the training programs we offer, your dog gets to learn basic skills such as basic commands and maintaining his/her focus in a busy and confusing environment. This way you can give commands and ensure that you see a response.

Training will also help address behavioral problems such as excessive chewing, biting, barking and whining. Whatever type of dog you have, be it an old or a young pup, we can help you out.

Delaware K9 Academy Services includes:

  • Puppy training program 
  • Private Dog Training 
  • Behavioral Training 
  • Obedience Training 
  • Specialized Training
  • Boot Camp Training 
  • Dog boarding

Each of the training programs we offer come with varying features and advantages. For example, if you would like to see results fast, then you may want to enroll your dog in the Boot Camp training. It’s a two-week training that will teach your dog everything, including obedience and mental focus.

You can also sign up for the private dog training program which lets you join the sessions. If you’re bringing home a young puppy in your home, you should think about utilizing the puppy training service. Whatever program you would like to implement, rest assured that you will get results.

We can walk you through the programs we offer so you can understand better which suits your goals for your dog. We are only a call or email away if you have any questions about my programs.

Dog Boarding in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Besides offering training courses for dogs, we also provide a dog boarding service in Delaware county. If you’re planning to go out of town for work or leisure, you can leave your dog under our care. We have a great accommodation for every type and age of dogs. The package includes the boarding facility, dog exercises and real-time updates.

Why Choose Delaware K9 Academy?

Residual return on your investment

When you choose us to train your dog, you’re assured to see results within the agreed time frame. Whether it be private, 1:1 lessons or our famous 2-week Boot Camp, we know you’re going to see great results.

Unique proven training approach

After working with hundreds of dogs in Northern Delaware and nearby areas such as Delaware County, PA, we learned how each dog is different. That’s why the lessons we provide are specifically designed to work on the unique pups we work with.

A respected name in the business

Delaware K9 Academy was established back in the beginning of 2019 with a mission to help dog owners access high-quality training at an affordable price. Since we opened, we have been living up to our goals and continue changing the lives of many dogs and their owners. Check out some of the reviews previous dog owners have left us after using our services!

Experienced dog trainer

We guarantee to get things done. Our experience in the business has allowed us to hone our skills and talent in training dogs in all breeds and ages.

Training program you can afford

Our main goal is to provide affordable training to every owner we work with in the local area. Building a confident and strong relationship with your puppy should not be expensive.

Never miss out on a milestone

We know how much you want see your dog progress throughout the session. So, rest assured, we will send you regular updates via phone or email at every milestone.

Dedication like no other

For us, we take great pleasure in providing services that means a lot to people, especially to dog owners. When you choose to hire us as a trainer or for a boarding service, your dog is assured to enjoy heartfelt care and affection.

Contact Us Today!

Here at Delaware K9 Academy, we take exceptional care of every dog we work with. Whether you need help with young dog, a stubborn puppy or any other type of dog, we guarantee to provide you with results.

Find out everything you need about our training programs and the dog day care and boarding services we provide. Contact me today and we will help you figure out what will work best for you.