Scent Detection

What is Scent Detection?

Scent Detection, sometimes referred to as “Scent Work” or “Nose Work”, is described by the AKC as a sport that mimics the task of working detection dogs to locate a scent and communicate with the handler that they have detected a specific scent. Whether you’re interested in pursuing real-world applications of Scent Detection such as Explosives Detection, Narcotics Detection, Bed Bug Detection, etc., or the sporting aspect of Nose Work, our program here at Delaware K9 Academy is designed to introduce you and your dog to the amazing bond and fundamentals of working a scent detection K9.

There are many reasons why you may want to consider our Scent Detection training program! 

  • Scent Work offers both physical and mental stimulation for your pet. 
  • You can practice the skills you learn anywhere you can bring your dog. This includes parks, fields, woods, homes/buildings, or event pet-friendly stores.
  • Scent Work can dramatically increase your dog’s confidence levels and you will build a stronger relationship with your pup.

How does OUR training work?

We have developed a customized training plan to provide the best possible experience for both you and your dog. Scent Detection training is for any dog! Regardless of experience level, we will teach you and your dog how to work together as a team to identify a specific scent and alert you on their findings.

Training begins by tapping into your dog’s natural drive for toys or treats. We will get your dog sniffing and searching to find what motivates them, then begin pairing in a specific odor. Scent Work is about having fun and building a pattern, so let us guide you through the steps.

By the end of our training programs, you and your dog will confidently be able to identify a specific target scent and will begin to alert you as the handler. We will work on container searches, indoor searches, vehicle searches, and outdoor area searches during our training program!

Programs and cost

We offer both a private training experience as well as group glasses to fit everybody’s needs and goals for Scent Detection. While we can create a fully customized training plan to meet anybody’s needs, both options include 6 lessons.

Private Lessons – $500

Our private lesson Scent Detection program will be more focused on you and your dog. This tailored program will only be about you and your dog. While you will learn the same concepts and skills as the Group Lesson program, you may progress quicker with the private program. The private lesson program consists of 6 lessons that typically meet once a week. Each lesson is about an hour long.

Group Lessons – $300

Group classes are a great option for people who do well with learning in a group environment. While every question will be answered, you will be sharing time with other owners learning the same concepts and skills. The group lesson program consists of 6 lessons that typically meet once a week. Each lesson may be 1 to 1.5 hours to ensure each dog/handler pair has enough time to work.