Dog Training In Northern Delaware

About Us

Founder Christos Philippou started Delaware K9 Academy in the beginning of 2019 in order to provide quality, safe, and affordable training and boarding services to the greater Northern Delaware area. After realizing that owners are still struggling to find a trainer that achieves exceptional results at an affordable price, he set out to build a company that can help.

Now, our owner Cory strives to meet the same standards, by helping owners and their dogs communicate more effectively and have a happier, healthier relationship through many different individualized training programs.


Curling up with your dog for some cuddles or letting them run free at the park is the easy part of dog ownership. However, there may be times when you find yourself frustrated or confused about what you should be doing. Dog training can sometimes be difficult, so let us help you live a stress-free life with your pup. Here at Delaware K9 Academy, we are professionals in reading dog behavior, and we will help teach you everything you need to know. Whether you have an 8-week old puppy that you just brought to the home, or an 8-year old dog with behavioral issues, we are here to help get you on track.

Every Dog Learns Differently

Due to the fact that dogs do not speak English, communicating with your pup can sometimes be a challenge. Having worked with a vast array of different breeds at different ages, we are confident we can set up clear, concise communication for you and your dog to be successful. As reward-based balanced trainers, we utilize several different training tools to make it easy for your dog to learn. We do not constrict ourselves to just 1 tool – we use what is best for your dog. Everything starts with teaching the dogs how to make good choices using positive reinforcement, and once we have a solid foundation, we overlap with any other tools the owner may need to communicate with their dog more efficiently. With this individualized approach, we can get you on track to live a better, less stressful life with your dog. We focus on building a better relationship between owner and dog, so they learn to respect and trust you enough to follow through with all of their obedience commands. Let us help you become more confident in your dog’s abilities – reach out today to get started!


How we are different than the competition

While there are a lot of options for dog trainers in the great Wilmington, Delaware area, we are confident that we are the best. Voted Reader’s Choice – Best Dog Trainer in the state of Delaware in 2020, we make sure every client is confident and ecstatic about working with their dog. Each dog gets a custom-tailored plan to best suit their needs. Since no two dogs are the same, it is extremely important to avoid a cookie-cutter training plan that some of the other national franchise training chains offer. 

Whatever goals you have for you and your dog, we will get there. We will work with you until your confident in your own abilities to properly communicate with your dog, and we will continue to practice until your dog is consistently performing the obedience commands we train for. Whether your dog is a menace on the leash and pulls like a sled dog or jumps on every guest that enters the home, we have training options that will set them up for success. Check out our training programs to learn more about what options might suit your needs.

What training program is best for me?

We pride ourselves on having several different training options to be suit each and every owners’ needs. Whether you want to be more involved in the training process and learn the ins and outs of dog training yourself or you would prefer to send your dog away to Boot Camp, we will work with you directly to come up with a good game plan. Depending on your goals, time constraints, and behavior problems you are looking to work on, we may recommend a certain program over another. Generally speaking, however, the private lesson program is great for the owner who has 30+ minutes a day to dedicate to training their dog and are not dealing with behavioral issues like severe reactivity or aggression. The Boot Camp program is a great option for owners who may have a busier schedule, have a dog with more severe behavioral issues, or are just looking for the convenience of having all the training done by a professional. Which ever option you choose, we guarantee you will have a more confident, well mannered pup. If you have any questions about which program may be best for you, reach out and we will be glad to help!

Putting in the work

Our promise to our clients is that we will put in the work required to achieve your goals. However, dog training is an ongoing two-way street. As the owner, it is your responsibility to continue to work with your dog to maintain and improve their responsiveness, obedience, and desire to work for you. While it is not very difficult to maintain your dog’s obedience once they are trained, it does take time and practice. Once we finish training, it is important to note that your job is not done! Ongoing maintenance is important to ensure your dog does not regress or revert back to old habits that they were used to getting away with. If you get stuck, confused, or unsure of what to do, we will always be available, ready, and eager to help!