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Dog Training in Newark, DElaware

Delaware K9 Academy started in the beginning of 2019 with a dream to provide the best dog training service in the state. Driven by our passion for training dogs, we created tailored lessons that teach discipline, stimulate the mind and create a strong bond between a dog and its owner.

The lessons cater to all kinds of dogs, even those that have behavioral issues. Our mission is to help you enjoy a happy life with your furry best friend. This means you get to enjoy going on walks without worrying whether your dog might become aggressive or unmanageable onto another fur parent or dog.

We also offer lessons that can bring out his/her potential and help him/her stay mentally focused when you give a command. Whether you have a new born puppy or a full-grown fur baby, we can implement the most effective approach when training your dog. The goal is to provide lessons that meet your training goals and match your dog’s needs and personality.

If you would like to be there every step of the way, you can enroll in a private dog lesson. In this special program, dog owners get to join the learning process. It’s a great way to bond with your pet and find better ways to connect with him/her. Delaware K9 Academy also offers dog boarding at a budget-friendly rate for customers here in Newark.

The Newark Delaware K9 Academy Services includes:**

  • Puppy training service
  • Specialized Training
  • Obedience Training
  • Behavioral Training
  • Private Dog Training
  • Boot Camp Training
  • Dog boarding

Training is an important part of a dog’s life. With proper lessons, your dog can learn basic things such as how to behave properly around their pack (your family) and other social settings. Good training allows them to enjoy things such as socializing and walking around the neighborhood.

Since we started offering training programs in the beginning of 2019, we were able to work with so many wonderful dogs. We have trained puppies as well as older dogs and we have also worked with dogs with very distinct personalities and behavioral problems. Regardless of the situation, we make sure that your pet gets the best and most effective training.

We work hand in hand with dog parents to ensure that I know which approach to use. If you would like to discover which of the training services would best suit your situation, feel free to contact us! We will help you determine the best course of action to take. We have helped plenty of dogs and dog parents here in the local area.

Dog Boarding in Newark, Delaware

Besides training lessons, we also offer boarding services for dogs in the area. If you want a safe and comfortable place for your dog and you want him/her to enjoy usual exercise routines such as morning walks while you are away, you can be assured that your dog will be cared for extremely well.

These services are perfect for dog parents who need to head out of town. The facility would be a perfect home away from home for your pooch when you travel.

Why Choose Delaware K9 Academy?

Tested training approach

Get the most value out of your money with the academy’s proven training methods. The techniques used during sessions have been used to produce phenomenal results for hundreds of dogs. Whatever service you choose, you’re assured to get results.

Training made special to your dog

As dog trainers, we know for a fact that every dog has a unique character. Every pooch out there has a special and different set of needs. That’s why every training program we provide is tailored to the specific dog we are working with.

Highly Reviewed Dog Trainer in Delaware

The training programs we provide have changed the lives of many dogs and dog owners in Delaware. With our dog training service, you too can build an amazing relationship with your beloved dog. Check out some of the awesome reviews other dog parents have left!

Affordable dog training

While we make sure to provide the finest lessons for dogs in Delaware, we also strive to offer them at the best and most affordable rate possible.

Get updates on your dog’s progress

Know how much value you’re getting out of the training service with the regular updates we will send. These updates usually come in the form of photos or videos sent directly to your phone or email.

Fuelled by commitment and passion

We are passionate about helping people and their dogs live a comfortable, peaceful, and happy life together. Through our training programs, we hope to help dogs tap into their social side so they can be around humans and other animals with greater ease.

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Training a dog comes with many benefits. Besides managing behavior problems such as aggression, you also get to protect him/her from harm. Good training also results in having a happier fur buddy. Delaware K9 Academy is here to provide you with whatever type of lesson you want for your dog.

Contact us today for more information on the classes offered and see how we can help your dog!