Hockessin, DE

Dog Training in Hockessin, Delaware

We started providing training services here at Delaware K9 Academy back in the beginning of 2019. Fueled by our desire to change the lives of dog parents and their fur babies, we offer various types of training options. The main goal of the lessons is to instill proper discipline to every dog, regardless of the age, breed, type, or temperament.

Each training service we provide is thoroughly planned in order to match your goals as the dog parent along with the needs of your dog. With the training programs we provide, your dog can learn the necessary skills and discipline so he/she can socialize and behave properly. We also provide training services to help your pooch stay mentally focused so they can follow directions or commands.

Delaware K9 Academy also offers private dog lessons where you can join your dog during the sessions. This way, you can understand and connect with your pet better. If you’re also heading out of town and you need a place for your dog, we offer affordable dog boarding service in the local area.

The Hockessin Delaware K9 Academy Services includes:

  • Puppy training program 
  • Private Dog Training 
  • Behavioral Training 
  • Obedience Training 
  • Specialized Training
  • Boot Camp Training 
  • Dog boarding

Since 2019 we have worked with all kinds of dogs. We have trained puppies, newly re-homed dogs, and more. Whatever behavior issues your dog has the training programs we provide can be of great help to you. Here at Delaware K9 Academy, the training provided to each dog is unique and tailor-made. That means you get to address issues specific to your dog.

If in case you’re not certain which training suits your needs and goals better, we can help you figure it out. Contact us and we can discuss the perfect training service to use depending on factors such as your dog’s breed, behavior, and age.

Dog Boarding in Hockessin, Delaware

Delaware K9 Academy has catered to a lot of dogs in Hockessin. That’s why, you’re assured of the quality and reliability of the training services we offer. Besides training services, we also provide boarding options to owners who can’t bring their fur babies when they travel. While you’re away, you can be sure that your dog receives superb care in our facility.

Why Choose Delaware K9 Academy?

Tailor-fit training

Delaware K9 Academy is best known for the tailor-fit training lessons we provide to your dog. We believe that it’s important to recognize the unique needs of each dog in order to find the best approach to deliver a lesson.

Proven and approved approach

Delaware K9 Academy started training dogs in the beginning of 2019. And ever since, we succeeded in helping Delaware dog owners with issues such as excessive barking and aggression. DE K9 Academy aims to help more dogs and dog owners in Hockessin.

Best dog training service in Hockessin

Our training programs have helped dog owners and dogs from various parts of the state. Here in Hockessin and surrounding areas, we have hundreds of clients who can attest to the quality and effectiveness of the lessons I provide. Check out some of the reviews happy dog owners have left us!

Knowledgeable and committed dog trainer

It brings us great joy to succeed in helping dogs and their dog parents have an amazing bond through the training programs we provide.

Heartfelt passion and dedication

We know for a fact how training a dog can help change the life of many dog parents. That’s why with every lesson we provide, we make sure to provide results. Seeing our students achieve their training goals gives me immense joy and pride.

Affordable training for your pooch

The lessons in the academy are available at an affordable rate so everyone can have a confident and happy dog.

Transparency at its finest

Every dog parent out there wants to know how far their pets have progressed. That’s why here at Delaware K9 Academy, we send you frequent updates in the form of photos or videos.

Contact Us Today!

Having your dog undergo training is one of the best things you can do as a dog parent. It gives your dog the mental stimulation he/she needs. It also helps in building a positive and healthy relationship between you, your dog and everyone else around you. We are here to help you provide nothing but the best for your fur baby.

If you’re looking for dog training services in the northern Delaware area, Delaware K9 Academy is here for you. You can also contact me if you need inexpensive boarding service.