Pet portraits

Capture your dog's good side!

Whether or not you want to be a part of your dog’s photoshoot, we can custom tailor a shoot that suits your needs. Does your dog like to frolic through the fields? Is he a water dog that loves a swim in the creek? Or does she just like to sun bath on the trail? Let us capture your dog’s best look and deliver you a package of photos that you can cherish for a lifetime. We know exactly how to capture your dog’s attention to get the best shots possible. 

How our photoshoots work

Once you have decided to take your dog to the spa in preparation for their photoshoot, it’s time to chat with us about how you would like to portray your dog and who they truly are. We can discuss where you’d like to take pictures and what you’d like to do during the photoshoot to get the action shots we are after. Most clients want to take their dog to their natural habitat, so let’s get out and have some fun! Once our session is complete, we’ll head back to home base to put the finishing touches on the pictures to make your dog shine. 

Why we're different

Due to our background in training, we understand dogs and their behavior better than other pet photographers. We can predict their movements, understand their thought process, and help to pose them to get the cutest pictures. We’ll figure out what motivates them best to maximize our photoshoot success. Tails will be wagging and the cameras will be shooting. 

Many photographers charge clients for the session which may include a few photos. Many photographers will try to upsell you to buy prints, photo books, and non-watermarked pictures to post on social media. We don’t believe in any of that. All of the pictures we take will be yours to keep, post, and print yourself!


We try to be as transparent as possible to allow you to make a decision easily. We don’t have any hidden costs, upsell tactics, or surprises. What you see is what you will pay and you’ll get full access to all of the pictures we take.

While our sessions can be customized to include multiple locations and a longer shoot, here is our basic package:

A 1-hour session at 1 location is $200

This includes travel within 15 miles of zip code: 19804 in Wilmington, Delaware. For further distances, multiple locations, and more time, please feel free to reach out for a customized quote. 

Contact Us to set up a photoshoot!