Our Top 5 Dog Products

We want to put together our top 5 products that we either use on a daily basis, or have a lot of experience with and believe that you may like them as well. The following list of products range from toys, treats, training tools, and accessory products to help give your pup a better life! Throughout this blog, there will be links to the products on Amazon, to make purchasing them for your dog even easier. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. 

Dog Cot

A dog cot might be one of the most sought after products from our dog training clients. A quality dog cot like this one from K&H will give your dog a comfortable, contained place to relax and be calm. We use these cots every single day and could not recommend them any more. Air can easily move underneath the cot, preventing any sort of overheating which is extremely common with the typical large, cotton beds. 

These cots are extremely durable and we find that most dogs do not chew through them like other more traditional dog beds. They also come with rubber feet to prevent sliding around your floors or damaging the surface you place the cot on.

Lastly, this dog cot will help to dramatically improve your dog’s “Place” command. This dog cot will help contain your dog to the cot, keeping them still and calm. If you are having trouble when guests enter your home, utilizing the “Place” command and this dog cot can be a game changer!

Snuffle Mat

This snuffle mat is an excellent way to provide some mental enrichment for your dog during feeding time. Snuffle mats are simple, creative ways to encourage your dog to search, sniff, and hunt for their food through the frills and crevasses in the mat. This will not only help them slow down when eating, it will force them to exercise their brain. These snuffle mats are excellent options for dogs who scarf their food down far too quickly. While your dog may take a few meals to warm up to the idea of eating from the snuffle mat, most dogs will absolutely love it. 

Licking Mats

Licking mats have multiple uses, including mental enrichment for feeding, reducing anxiety and boredom, and can help to keep your dog busy during grooming. These mats linked above have suction cups to secure to the floor or wall, making them an excellent option for multiple locations around the home.

Many owners will use these licking mats in the shower when bathing their dog to keep their minds preoccupied. You can use homemade recipes or other spreadable treats for your dog like peanut butter, which will keep your dog plenty busy. 


Most people have heard of the Chuckit! or seen somebody using it at the dog park. This product is amazing for dogs that just love to run and play fetch. With the Chuckit! you can launch the ball across the park or your yard with ease, making play time extremely easy with your energetic dog. If your pup loves to run and play fetch, this is a must-have product to spare your shoulder! 

The ball that comes with the Chuckit! is extremely durable and it is unlikely that your dog will destroy it. If you want to tire your dog out at the park, try picking up one of these toys and watch your dogs eyes light up with excitement. 

100' Leash

As a dog trainer, we cannot recommend this 100 foot leash any more! We understand that not every dog has a perfect off leash recall, so this 100′ leash can help prevent your dog from running away while still giving them the freedom they deserve. Whether you and your dog are hanging out in the backyard or running around the park, this leash will give you more than enough freedom to play fetch and let your dog stretch their legs. This leash is made up of a high-quality material and is similar to what we use every single day with our training clients. 

If you are considering one of our private lesson programs to work on enhancing your dog’s recall command, this is a great option for the interim while you achieve your goals. Give your dog the freedom they deserve while maintaining peace of mind that they will not run away!