Mentally Stimulate Your Dog

Mental stimulation and exercise is arguably one of the most important aspects to dog ownership. Many owners, especially those of notoriously high energy breeds, focus far too much on physical exercise. However, running a German Shorthaired Pointer at the park for an hour is nowhere near enough to satisfy their needs. Heck, we have seen dogs running 10+ miles a day and still flooded with energy! Dogs need to be mentally stimulated along with physical exercise in order to feel satisfied and fulfilled in life. We want to put together a list of ways to do this so you can be the best owner possible! If you’d like to check out our Amazon Shop, we have plenty of games, toys, and feeding puzzles to help stimulate your dog’s brain! We are part of the Amazon Associates program, so we do earn a small commission on purchases from our shop!

Obedience Training

Obedience training is one of the best ways to provide adequate mental stimulation to keep your dog content and happy. Obedience training can dramatically increase responsiveness to commands, but can also teach your dog how to be more neutral and calm when in public. Rather than expelling all of their pent up energy through nuisance behaviors like jumping and barking, you can utilize obedience commands to encourage your dog to think about their actions and begin to make the RIGHT decision! 

If you’ve been considering obedience training for your dog and you’re in the Northern Delaware area, we can help! Check out our training programs here to see which program may fit your needs best. If you have questions, we’re one call away!

Flirt Pole

Flirt poles are awesome ways to encourage your dog to play and use their instincts. A flirt pole is a tool that consists of a pole, a rope, and a toy that is attached to the end. It can not only help to build a better relationship with your dog, but you can utilize it to exercise your dog, improve impulse control, and will encourage your dog to use their brain for tracking purposes. 

The flirt pole can be used to fling around the toy which will lure and entice your dog to hunt it down. Think of your dog playing chase with a toy that you’re controlling with a long rod. Forget the laser pointer and pick up a flirt pole like this one here. 

Your dog will love the flirt pole, but it may take a few sessions to get them to warm up to the idea. Take it slow, be encouraging, and show them how much fun the flirt pole can be.

Scent Detection

Getting into the Scent Detection sport might be one of the most fun, entertaining, and rewarding training activities you can do with your dog. This team-based training will dramatically improve your relationship with your dog and can be conducted anywhere you can bring your dog. Our customized Scent Detection Training Program is perfect for all owners, regardless of experience! Come learn the ins-and-outs of scent work from the ground up and learn about another way to work your dog’s brain.  

Wrapping Up

If you are physically exercising your daily but they still seem to be unfulfilled, mental stimulation may be missing. Check out our Amazon Affiliate store to find other unique, different, and fun ways to feed your dog which can add a touch of stimulation and enrichment to their daily routine.

If you’re looking for a more structured training course, our private lesson program can be an excellent way to begin boosting your relationship and enhancing communication. Regardless of what your goals are for your dog, fill out our Contact Form so we can get in touch and help you down the right track!