Is An Underground Electric Fence A Good Idea For Your Dog?

Underground electric fences have been around for decades and decades. In 1973, a salesman by the name of Richard Peck noticed many dogs running freely along the side of the road instead of being contained in their yards. He sought after a solution to this problem, resulting in the birth of the Invisible Fence® brand. Since the branding of Invisible Fence®, there have been many other installers and companies manufacturing their own similar product.

So what are the benefits of an underground electric fence?

There are quite a few benefits of an underground electric pet fence. Many people question if it is the right option for them and their dog, so let’s take a look.

  • Reasonably priced compared to physical fence– When you compare the cost of an underground electric pet fence versus the cost of a physical fence, you might be quite surprised. Physical fences can be extremely costly when you start adding up the price for materials, labor, and permits. Underground electric fences can sometimes cost a fraction of the price, meaning more money in your pocket.
  • Convenience – An underground electric fence can be installed quicker than most physical fences. An acre can be covered in roughly an hour, while physical fences can take up to a week or longer depending on who you choose to install it! Not to mention the simple convenience of knowing your dog can roam free while being safe in the yard.
  • Reliability – With proper and adequate training, the electric fence has an extremely high rate of reliability. When installed by professionals like Contained K9, you get the peace of mind knowing it was done right, the first time. As long as your dog is trained to the fence properly, you can relax and watch your dog run with joy.

While there are many other benefits, these are just a couple that most people enjoy from the very beginning.

Should I hire a national chain/brand or hire an independent installer?

This is a great question that definitely needs some attention. The same thing actually applies for many professional services, not just the underground electric pet fence industry. The same goes for dog training! There are two main electric fence brands in the United States. These brands include Invisible Fence® and DogWatch. These two national brands have been around for a while and have a lot of experience. They know what they are doing and often have innovative technology that others seem to imitate. Due to their large size, they have the capital to do so. However, there are so major drawbacks of hiring a large company like one of the two previously mentioned.

These national franchises have significant overhead. These costs for advertising, website maintenance, uniforms, and other expenses need to be covered somehow – which means the cost of service increases to pass the expense on to you, the customer. This drastically drives the price up for you, leaving you without many options. However, companies like Contained K9 are around to help. They are a privately, locally, and family owned business with extremely limited overhead which allows them to pass the savings on to you. They utilize custom built equipment that leads the industry to dig the trench and lay the wire in your yard so they are in and out without a trace.

The next benefit which is arguably the most important, is the ability for a private company to shop around for different products. The national chains are stuck offering 1 product for you and your pet. This drastically limits their flexibility, and unfortunately, not every system is perfect for every dog. If you decide to hire an independently owned electric fence company, they can figure out which system would work best for you, giving you a completely custom experience. This is key to ensure your dog is safe when enjoying their free time in the yard.