Benefits of E-collar Training

E-collar training can be a controversial technique in the dog training community. Since its traditional applications can be harmful and inhumane, dog owners and trainers often stray away from this method.

But despite its notoriety, this modern application can actually be deemed effective as long as it’s applied properly with your dog’s safety in mind.

So if you want to know if e-collar training is a suitable technique to teach your pup proper behavior, read more below.

What is an E-collar?

An e-collar is short for an electronic collar, and it’s a training device that emits electronic stimuli or vibrations. They’re not designed to hurt your pup but are only supposed to get their attention, as modern collars should only feel like a waving pulse that stimulates their nerve receptors.

Most modern units will have up to 100 settings. So if you’re still worried about hurting your dog, you can try the collar on your skin first to see which setting is suitable enough for training.

Manufacturers don’t recommend using the highest intensity unless during emergency situations, so always make sure it’s set on the proper intensity before attaching it to your pup.

What is E-collar training?

E-collar training is a method that uses e-collars to teach your dog to do proper behavior. So it’s usually applied as some form of negative reinforcement to curb any unwanted conduct. But this doesn’t mean it should be used as punishment, as it’s only a tool for teaching your dog certain commands or tricks. 

So with proper technique and guidance, e-collar training can actually be a helpful method to stop excess barking, digging, or chewing. Others also find this method effective for improving your dog’s recall training, especially when they’re around other animals which makes it difficult to get their attention.

But similar to clicker training, timing is also essential for e-collar training since you’ll need to activate the collar at the exact period where you want to correct the behavior. So you’ll need to have proper knowledge and practice to get this training right.

What are the benefits of E-collar training?

E-collar training can be a safe technique for teaching your dogs commands and proper behavior. So if you’re considering applying this technique, here are a few ways you and your dog can benefit from it:  

Effective on most dogs

Some techniques use positive reinforcement and rewards to motivate your dog to repeat desired behaviors. But since there are dogs that don’t get excited around treats or toys, it can be difficult to apply those methods to them.

Since e-collar training is not rewards-based, you won’t have any problem motivating your dog to do their training. So correcting mistakes and teaching commands will be easier to enforce.

But even if your pup responds well to rewards-based training, you can also use an e-collar to supplement their obedience training, especially when it comes to teaching them safety precautions.

Instant feedback

Using an e-collar to teach your dog can make training easier since the mild vibrations will send a clear message that gets your dog’s attention, especially when they get distracted easily or don’t respond well to voice commands.  

So instead of yelling or repeating commands, you can use the collar to teach them to stop doing the undesired behavior. This can also be useful for active dogs that are sometimes difficult to keep up with.

But you also have to be careful not to overdo this technique as it can make your pup feel stressed and anxious.


Since e-collars usually come with portable remotes, you won’t always need to be close to your dog or run around with them to correct their behavior.

Most remotes will also have an array of settings available, so you can easily adjust the intensity with a simple click of a button. So disabled dog owners will also be able to train their dogs, even when they have limited mobility.

Some remotes also contain other features like flashlights, so you won’t have to bring an excess of equipment when training outdoors.

Off-leash restraint

E-collar training is often used when transitioning your dog to get off their leash, as this will give them the freedom to roam around, while still giving you the feeling of security.

So while your dog is still learning how to behave while being off-leash, you can still correct any unwanted behavior through your remote even when you’re not next to them.

For instance, when walking around the woods and your pup starts chasing a skunk, you can easily activate the collar to get their attention even when you’re a few steps behind. So aside from ensuring their safety, this also signals them not to chase the animal next time.

High-distraction training

E-collar training can also be useful for transitioning your dog into high-traffic areas since there will be more distractions and triggers that can make them harder to control.

So if your dog starts barking at another dog or person, a gentle press of the button can signal them to stop. But since transitioning them to a different environment will take them time to adjust, it’s also important not to overdo this technique. 

So limit your training sessions to at least 15 minutes a day to prevent overstimulating your dog, and developing a fear of the e-collar.

How do you train a dog with an E-collar?

Like most training techniques, it’s important to introduce your dog to the e-collar slowly so they’ll understand how it works.

So start by reading its manual on how to properly operate the collar. Once you know how to control it, let your dog wear the collar around your house for a few minutes to let them get used to it.

When they’re ready for training, always start at the lowest intensity and slowly work your way up until you find a setting where your dog starts to react.

Once you find the most comfortable base level, you can then start using the e-collar for training your dog.But if you’re still unsure about how to use the e-collar, you can always enroll your dog with a professional dog trainer. Delaware K9 Academy offers a 2-week Bootcamp program that uses the e-collar to learn basic commands even with heavy distractions. So if you’re interested in learning more about our services, give us a call now.

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